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For product availability, processing availability, ease of scanning and cost, negatives are to way to go. Kodak Ektar and Portra are my favorite films. Great color rendition with Ektar being more saturated, a neg film that has slide film characteristics. And really easy to scan with no fiddling with color or saturation for the most part.

The last place in Calgary that developed 120 E-6 decided not to replace their broken machine. I see slide processing being a big problem soon!
Perhaps unfortunately, this is true - color neg for future availability of color film. Black and white is no problem at all with plenty of choices.

If you do want to shoot transparencies, Astia is already discontinued. Probably E100G is the closest thing to it and a really good film. I like it a lot, but who knows how long any E6 will be available? For more saturation there's Provia and the family of Velvias. Unfortunately no E100VS anymore in sheets, at least not new (I scored some stashed in my freezer.)

To the point about scan quality not matching DSLR except in size - yes and no. Mostly true of flatbed, though the quality may well be "good enough." But get an excellent professional drum scan of your best images and you will blow any DSLR and everything but the very expensive digital backs out of the water.