I've gotten a chance to buy this Leica stuff for a total price of $1400, everything is new, unused and in the box except the 80-200 wich is mint.

- Leica R8
- Summicron-R 1:2 50mm
- Vario Elmar 1:4 80-200
- Motor winder R for R4/R5/R6 (compatible with R8?)
- Handgrip R (compatible with R8?)
- Vario Elmar R 1:4 35-70mm
- Super Colorplan-P2 1:2,5 90mm MC (possible to use for anything else than slide projectors?)
- Elmar-M 1:2.8 50mm

What do you think? It's all or nothing. I have Canon, Pentax and Olympus SLR's, so it would be nice if the lenses could also be used on those with an adapter. For me it sounds like a good deal, even though the R system is discontinued.