I kinda agree with David A. in the above post- try and take the male gaze outside of the objectification of women. (However, it sounds like you have already cultivated a lot of sources that address that area, so you probably will stick with that area.) The camera as an instrument of the male gaze can be applied to landscape, still life even awkward family photos. All can be argued as being intrinsically male in their implementation. The dominance over nature, a historically feminized space, ownership of objects producing social class status, or elevation of status through ownership, the evidential proof of dominance or ownership over the family unit in a patriarchal society through family photos taken by a male family member.

These are all possibilities. There is and has been a lot of work in the area of the male gaze in the last 30 years since Laura Mulvey's essay "Visual Pleasure in Narrative Cinema."

Also, dont forget that you can differentiate between the camera being the instrument of the gaze and the male figures within an image creating their own gaze. Characters that were created by and for a white male audience for the purposes of scopophelia.

Hope that your paper comes out well-