I have started putting together my darkroom. I'll be converting my 6'x10' office/fly tying room. I now own a minty Beseler 23C II XL, and I will be adding things over time. I do have what I need to get started, except for the paper and developer.

1. Seeing I will probably be printing more mistakes than keepers, would I be better of starting with a 5"x7" VC RC paper instead of 8"x10"? I can get 100 sheets for half the money. Or will the smaller size mask mistakes I may be making?

2. I know there's as many developers as there are flavors of ice cream, so would Kodak Dektol be a good choice for a "newbie" or something else? I plan to mix up the stop and fix from what I have. I know I need to mix it in different ratios than film.

This should be enough for now.