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That 80-200 is probably the best in that range ever (the much praised Nikon AI equivalent doesn't come close). It is also considered to be better than most of Leica's non-Apo primes in that range (and that's really saying something!).
It alone currently goes for at least 800 (typical used price).

The R8 is a very nice, if heavy, camera with a great viewfinder (arguably even better than Olympus OMs). It goes for around 400.

The motor drive won't be usable.

The other lenses should be very good (the 50mm Summicron came in several versions over the years). The M-Elmarit *could* be used as a decent macro lens using bellows and adapters.
You can forget using those lenses on other cameras, except Canon EF...

I'd go for it and give it a try. In Germany at least, you could easily get the same money back for the various items.
That it's discontinued now means nothing: the price drop occured immediately after it was discontinued.

Also, beware of most answers to Leica-related posts:
1) most people haven't ever used one and don't know what they're talking about.
2) many answers will be irrationally and wildly one-sided, whether for or against...

BTW: The R3-R5 models were quite a bit more than rebranded Minoltas: the R4 & 5, at least, had competely redesigned shutters and mirrorboxes and consequently better viewfinders than their Minolta cousins.
(I'm not even bringing lenses into the equasion, though Minoltas are definitely not slouches!)
The R8 is quite a different animal from the R3-R7 series, being much more like the Leicaflexes in feel.
Put an XE-7 next to a R3, its the same camera