I'm not sure how many rolls you'll get out of the SM bleach.. there should be a PDF from Kodak on it though.

Though it's best to stop after developer to make the bleach last longer.

You'll need potassium or sodium bromide to make the ferri bleach.. actually sodium chloride works great too.

Unused working solution doesn't require replenishment, but if you leave working solution sitting doing nothing it gets old, and might oxidise on you, I haven't tested it out, but I have gone a few weeks between usage fine, but when I do that, I make sure my bottle is full with no air, and even spray in butane gas (cheap canned air/duster for pc's/cameras) in the top to displace all air, and then keep it in the dark. You just want to use it semi-regularly, that way fresh developer and fresh preservative is getting put into the solution on a semi-regular basis at least.

I would use the SR-29 Bleach Formula for a ferricyanide bleach. Found here on page 32. http://motion.kodak.com/motion/uploa...h247_h2407.pdf

Replenishment rates are in: http://www.kodak.com/global/plugins/...ls/z131_02.pdf

Use the ones for rack-and-tank processors.

The amounts you need to mix up for small solutions are found in:

make sure you pay attention to which flexicolor product you get, as the amounts you use are different.

That's for mixing up replenisher (replenisher is what you use when replenishing). If you scroll further down there are instructions for making working solution from replenisher.

If you do use it one shot it's ~33 35mm rolls for a 10L dev, although you could try to apply the tetenal re-usage rule (I can't imagine it wouldn't work as well as it does in the tetenal kit, but it would require a test of a few rolls running through the same batch first though!), and use it non-replenished but re-use for a little bit then toss out.