Welcome. I collected 1/2 frame cameras for some years decades ago when you could buy them all day long for a buck or two at the camera stores. They were being traded-in in droves. I had an almost complete collection of Olympus including the F, FT and FTV bodies. I found universally the Olympus lenses to be sending to none of the Japanese manufacturers. Finally a dealer wanted the collection and we struck a dealer.

The Konica Autoreflex is a killer slr. I loved using it but every once in a while I forgot to advance the film after switching. It went with the collection and if it had not, it probably would still be my only 35mm slr system today.

I had the Dial 35 in both the Canon and Bell & Howell badges. An interesting camera but with the winder being so large it sort of defeated the compact body size. The winders on these were a weak point and I saw many that could not be wound.

Todat I still have a Konica AA-35 with the typical battery door issue. I can use it by taping the battery door shut. It is a very practical camera in that it is thin enough to actually be a shirt pocket camera. I had it put away and forgotten until only a short time ago when I happened across it. It is sitting out ready to be loaded and put back in service.