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Even at Leica , Zoom lenses do not reach the quality of Primes. You can buy R4 for 80 dollars from keh com and continue with your Elmar 24 or Summicron 50 for 400 or so dollars.

1000 dollars rest with you , if your R4 broke , you buy another one with another 80 dollars.

To use Leica lens on Canon is a murder , not less than that , its a yob business.
The R8 is quite a different camera compared to the R4.
The 80-200mm f/4.0 is generally better than the non-Apo primes it covers.
The 24mm Elmarit, while still a solid "good" lens, definitely isn't worth $400 (it's comparable to the Nikkor 24mm f/2.8 or a good sample of the Minolta 24mm - which in effect it is).

All the people mentioning KEH: the OP is in Europe (well, sort of) and there are shops in Germany, for example, which are probably cheaper and involve *much* lower shipping costs.