Very cool - I've thought about doing this but haven't managed to follow through. I've thought about making such a camera out of corrugated plastic from the hobby store (like what's used for real estate signs) and joining it with gaffer's tape in such a way that it would fold. I guess you'd have to have some sort of dark slide set up for that though, maybe make one like the Primitive Photography book.

A couple of questions for you Matthew:

Where's the school in the photo? You and I are practically neighbors BTW, I'm just down Hwy230W in 78737.

Also, reading your info page on your site you mentioned getting a woodworker at WhiteWind studios to repair your 8x10 - would you recommend that I contact them for similar repairs? My 5x7 back is broken such that one of the surfaces that the film holder rests on is missing. I can replace it, but I'm anxious about getting it dead level with the other side so the film is properly parallel to the lens.