The Rolleiflex SL35-E, while a sweet camera to use, does often have electronic issues. You should really get some kind of guarantee that it's working.
If now working, chances are it'll keep working for quite a while.

The SL35, not having any electronics, is generally more reliable. That said, I don't really like it. Think a Spotmatic semi-clone but without the "feel" of the Spotmatic.
I also don't like it's viewfinder (the SL35-E one's very good instead).

The main problem with that deal, however, are the lenses: the main reason to put up with the quirks of the Rolleiflex 35mm SLRs is for their Zeiss lenses.
Some of the other "original" lenses made for them (mostly Mamiya-built) are also quite good.
The lenses offered in the "deal" seem to be mainly junk: unless you want to hunt down the various Zeiss and other better lenses for those cameras (not an easy thing in the New World), I'd give it a pass...

P.S. My SL35-E is my light-weight/travel SLR system and some of its lenses are my absolute favorites. The 35 & 85mm f/2.8 Zeiss lenses are tiny and excellent, some of the other lenses have some of the best "3-D look" I've seen.
When weight is no issue, I use Leicaflex & Leica R, though I still often prefer the Zeiss look...

P.P.S. A useful accessory for the Rolleis is the M42 adapter, which effectively turns them into the best M42 cameras in the world (at least in the sense of having a bayonet mount). Auto-aperture stop-down function is maintained.