I am just used to the Tetenal C41 2-bath kit (3 parts color developper, and 2 part s Bleach-fix), and the result works well for me, considering my rather unfrequent use of C41 in non-135 format film (I do mainly E6 in all formats).

Colors are rendered correctly (as long as scanning can be used to check it), and the chemistry is quickly prepared and have a long shell life.

Sorry to be of little help on your precise flavour of chemistry, I didn't know until now that Tetenal 4-baths C41 exists.

About the 3010 expert drum you plan to use, I would be (maybe irrationally) afraid of uneven developping when handrolled, but it's just my two cents.

For 4x5", you can try to get a 2520 drum, which can contains up to 6 4x5 sheets (with the 2502 reel), and is much smaller, but is more complicated when loading.

I personnally use this setup, but with a Jobo ATL-1 processor.