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I have the first edition of the BTZS book from long ago. I've read it several times and it always struck me that the sensitometry was a good aspect of it, but I was turned off by his "Incident System" so I never took it up in practice. Does the current incarnation of BTZS still advocate and rely upon an incident meter and do most practitioners actually use such an instrument or is a spot/reflected meter easily used with the BTZS?


Yes, the incident meter is sitll part of the system. If you prefer to do spot metering and have the expodev palm program, you can use either incident or spot metering. I have found the incident metering far more reliable and accurate than spot metering, but to each it's own.
As with everything the incident meter approach requires some getting used to and some practice to obtain the tones one wants in the negative and subsequently in the print but I have found my exposures have much better since I adopted the BTZS and incident metering. With pt/pd you have little chance to do any dodging or burning, having a negative that has the tones one visualized in the print is invaluable.

BTW, I have the second edition with the work book, these books sat in my shelve for more than 10 years before I gave it a serious chance, that was a mistake!