Your camera was the first 35mm I bought a long time ago. I always used a Vivitar 283 with mine and had no problems at all. What you can find now for not much money is a Vivitar 285. Have one, great little flash that replaced the old 283. The instruction manual will give you directions to figure out what f-stop you need if you go full manual, but you might as well as use the semi-auto (as I like to call it) ranges that you simply dial up your film speed on the side of the flash, that gives you a color coded scale that you can see how far your flash can reach out with each specific f-stop set. Start shooting. Easiest way to go with this old camera and it is what most people used in the day.

Yes, there are other options, but why not use your hotshoe and be done with it. Vivitar did make a 3 foot cord that allowed you to take the flash off the camera but still use it in it's automatic and manual modes (it allowed you to bounce the flash to the left, right or any other direction you normally could not get to go). Hint: creative use of flash.

Bob E.