Sooooo... through random conversation on my glass art forum, I discovered someone who had a Kowa Six. Jokingly I asked if he wanted to sell it, and he said to make him a serious offer. I know NOTHING about this camera, other than what it looks like. Below is what he has for sale.

What would a kit like this be worth today?

I'm off to google.

KOWA 6 camera Body - no case, no box
Camera body handle/shutter release
KOWA 85mm 2.8 w/focus handle on camera
KOWA 250mm 5.6 lens w/hood & leather case
KOWA 55mm 3.5 lens w/leather case
Focus screens;
Split Image
Checkerboard lines - in camera
Ground Glass w/center spot
KOWA Telleconverter 2X
KOWA Extension Tubes - T1, T2, T3

Boxes for all excessories except 250mm lens.