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I don't think there's any cause to believe this would be the case.

Now, do I have hard facts to back this up? No.. but people have been carbon printing for going on 2 centuries (minus 40 years let's say) and although there's always the possibility of new discovery, I'd say that this one has been hashed out over and over again. In the literature there is information regarding extension of the shelf-life of sensitized tissues, but nothing that could compare to diazo/azido sensitizers.
Chris, you're probably right (I never did a dig-in into carbon literature), but diazo sensitizers are probably not the only factor influencing the shelf life of ultrastable material
as a chemist I can tell dichromate solutions are VERY stable when kept in the bottle (in the dark of course)- we used to use dichromate for spectrophotometer calibration
I do not have the redox potentials here at hand (they are also pH dependent), but I cannot exclude glucose from reducing dichromate ions