Wow, that took some time reading this entire thread. And it points out why I first simply registered and have finally subscribed to this amazing forum. All of us love cameras and film.....nothing else like it. It's very motivating indeed to see such a active discussion over analog film (and it's usage). I am glad Sean put the "no digital" thing in the rules and I think we all try and live up to that rule and just like any other "rule" there are going to be grey areas, as long as we try to limit it to what positively effects analog film usage I don't think any moderator will come down on us. The key being using analog film with analog cameras.

I believe a "what is the best scanner" discussion would be best for DPUG and some mention directing us for proper techniques and processes using those scanners FROM this forum would be benificial to all, perhaps a sticky is all that is needed. When I need to know specifics about how to maximize my scanner, let DPUG be the leader there, just tell me where I need to go to get to the software sub-forum or the Epson V700 sub-formum, you get the idea.

I don't think the occasional "I use VueScan" or "try 16-bit for better color depth" in a quick reply for help would be hurtful to our cause. Whatever method we use to display our analog film to the rest of the world only enriches others lives and promotes the whole analog film experience that all of us love......whether we use analog or digital or a combination of both to display it or promote it.

Someone mentioned that this is an experience that matures. They are right. First I started taking pictures on my parents Kodak Instamatic. Then I got my own. That led me to working with a pro when I was in highschool, steadily I slowed down after college then those horrible first digital cameras came out. I knew I had to come back to took almost a decade to come back full swing after I decided I wanted my "good" pictures again. You will notice nowhere have I mentioned "developing". Never did it, ever. All sent out. Then I was told about I have I don't know how many cameras and all the flashes and tripods and cords and who knows what........but now I am about to enter the world of film developing, why? THIS FORUM and you guys.

For now I have to have things scanned and am trying to bring that home to save money, thanks to YOU guys, I have started "thinking" about a real darkroom. Again, that would have never crossed my mind until the success stories I hear of here over and over again. Especially the encouragement to proceed at my own pace. I just wish I would have started this 10 or 20 years ago........

Thank you Sean

Bob E.