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Funnily enough, the person I bought my D6 from had moved it here a couple of years previously - from Toronto !

I certainly see some "problematic" listings on CL Vancouver, and I approach everything quite cautiously, but there is usually enough activity there that it is worthwhile checking.

It helps a lot that is a fairly busy site - it is mid-afternoon here on a rainy Monday late in September, and there has already been more than 200 listings posted today in the "photo/video" forum. On a busy day, it is not unusual to see 400+ postings, and a good percentage of them are first time postings.
Friends get stunning deals. I love the hunt but just don't have time to arrange meet-ups and do a long drive at odd times only to find the advertised "mint" light and background stands looking recently salvaged from the bottom of Lake Ontario. That was my last experience a few months back.