The dog is supposed to be dark, correct? Meter the dog then subtract one stop. That puts him, in zone terms, on Zone IV. That may be lighter than you want but you can print it down. Putting him on zone III, especially with pushed film (which this is - Delta 3200 is about an ISO 1000 film, optimized for pushing) risks putting detail down in the toe or losing it altogether.

I like 3200 a lot. I always develop for the Ilford recommendations for one stop faster. That is, when I shoot it at 3200, which is most of the time, I develop per their recommendations for 6400. I do the same thing with Kodak's recommendation for TMZ. (Wish Kodak made TMZ in 120.)

If 1600 will do though, I use Tri-X in Diafine. Much finer grain and overall better tonality in my experience than TMZ or Delta 3200. Well, I actually rate it at 1250 now but I won't quibble over 1/3 of a stop.