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Thanks Michael, I may try that anytime soon.

But my main reason for using test strips is in the first place to save on paper. Yes, I know I shouldn't be cheap when working analog and wanting good results, but I'm a student and 8x10" film is expensive enough. I just can't justify making a bunch of full test prints to obtain proper exposure and contrast.
Michael's way uses far less paper and far less time to arrive at an optimal contact print than any other method. And when I say "optimal" I mean the absolute best print that can be obtained from any given negative. For me this has become the only acceptable print. I rarely use more than 6 or 7 sheets to arrive at my final print. I assure you that if you make test strips you will use a lot more paper and a lot more time to arrive at even a good print, much less the best one.

Another advantage to outflanking: once you find the base time, dodging and burning times which will produce the best print, you can crank out 4 or 5 more in quick succession and they will be absolutely identical. No perceptible difference whatsoever.