A sharp-cutting high-quality MC red filter like a 29 B&W, combined with a slightly red-extended sensitivity film like TMX or even better, the now disc Tech Pan will do some remarkable things. Red has of course the long wave lengths which travel better through atmosphere. I had some serious forest fire
issues a couple years ago backpacking in Sequoia. Got to a remote lake far enough above the bad smoke
to breathe well, but the magnificent crags in the middle distance were hard to pick out detail on with the
naked eye. So I set up the 4x5 with a red filter and took some shots of the crags anyway. When I got
home I took one of the long-lens shots and printed it, and discovered in the details a perfect silhoutte of a golden eagle perched atop the highest pinnacle way,way off. When I took that shot I had difficulty seeing anthing more than the general shape of the entire mtn ridgeline due to haze. I could
recite many stories like this.