It is strange to have to post this on a site devoted to photography. I always thought photography was about taking pictures. (Yes, I know that there are those that still seek to find the grail.)

As a former graduate student and someone who has taught chemistry I have seen the results of some rather horrific accidents. The first thing that a person learns in chemistry 101 is never mix together two chemicals unless you know what is going to happen. Remember that plain water is also a chemical. Just because you can buy something in a local store does not means that it is safe. Such chemicals as lye (sodium hydroxide) can cause serious physical injury. Milder alkalis such as washing soda (sodium carbonate) can cause blindness. Then there are the strong acids; acetic acid 28% can cause burns. Oxidants like potassium dichromate or potassium permanganate can cause fires or even explosions. Solvents such as glycols and TEA are dangerous when heated (toxic vapors and fire hazard).

If you insist on experimenting at the very least read the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for everything you will be using. If you don't understand what you have read then seek advice. Invest in a pair of safety googles. A face shield would be even better. If you have no knowledge of chemistry then please just take pictures. I'm not saying this to be dramatic but I cringe when I read some of the posts.