There are a few people out there who believe that Rodinal is a god-send, it is merely another tool that brings out a look that you either love or hate. Like any other developer, you must experiment to find the method of use for your personal tastes. You will also have to experiment with different films to find just the right combo that makes for your signature look. Using something the same way as someone else to try to get their outcome is a journey into frustration. I'm not telling you not to use Rodinal, but advising you to have an open mind and lots of note paper on hand so whatever process and combo "hits the mark" will be repeatable. That only gets you the negative, next we introduce an entirely new set of variables, paper choice. Whatever combo helps make the ideal negative may or may not look worth a dang on the paper of your choice, and frustrate you even more. Do not look for a magic bullet, be willing to do hard work to achieve perfection.

When you shoot a photo, you should know what paper you want to print on, and then choose the developer for the film to make that happen. Far to many people never give the paper a thought, only the film, then they rely on VC to pull off a mediocre print at best.