I have two Century Universals. One has good light tight bellows, body in good condition and all movement work as they should. The other is posted on the forum here. The bellows will need replacing or repair work, the inside lining looks good and I think a dark cloth over the bellows would get you by, no guarantee. The body/cosmetics on this one are in very good condition. Each camera is missing a nut or two that have been replaced and work as they should. I have one lens board that will need drilling to fit the 14 inch Kodak Ektar which is shutter mounted. The speeds are all good and bulb/time work. The glass is excellent, no mold, fungus or scratches. I would trade outright for an Canon 5D body with low shutter actuations and a good wide angle lens for it or possibly a telephoto lens. PM me if interested and we can exchange pics. I just don't have the time for the 8x10 now or the room in my new place. Thanks, Mike.