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Perhaps, if you like it, a product that will be available after Kodak ceases to exist?
Well there might be that, but there's also Ilford DD-X and Freestyle's house brand "LMAX" claims to be a knock off of T-Max. Not sure what the magic juice is in the RS, though it is clearly a little different, but only a little. For most purposes I could get by fine with D76, or even self mixed D23. The exception might be pushing TMZ but if Kodak goes away that isn't a consideration either, and I'm sure DD-X would do fine for Delta 3200.

I didn't mean to knock Rodinal, really. Many people get fine results with it. I just meant to inject a dose of potential reality for someone apparently trying it for the first time not to expect miracles, or to assume they'll even like it. Certainly worth a try though. Heck, I know a lot more and have a lot more experience now than the last time I tried it so I got a bottle to have another go with it.