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[...] Mullumbimby is similar but smaller. Nimbin is so-so. I woudn't live there. Uki just outside Murwillumbah can give you a similar counter-cultural, small village lifestyle without the feral tourists and petty criminals. [...]

You're saying of Nimbin, "feral tourists and petty criminals"? Tch, tch. That putdown reaks of upper class decadence and insensitivity hybrid city limits -bushman snobbery and an unwillingness to see and embrace and appreciate diversity in small-town life. You wouldn't live there, nor obviously would you fit in; have you been there at all? I lived there, at 1 Alternative Way, communally, for 5 years. What constitutes "feral tourists" and "petty criminals"? You'll find these in Wentworth Falls if you're thinking of car vandals and pot smokers. Goodness, by imagination alone, I doubt very much the ferals are restricted, or concentrated to Nimbin; probably could be found anywhere in Australia.