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Well yes, the Nimbin cemetery is sprinkled with my ancestors who were dairy farmers in the area - Doon Doon, Uki, Nimbin etc. I went to school in Lismore for 6 years in the '70s and know the region well. Committed my own petty crimes on the streets of Nimbin back in the day. Why did you leave?

A falling-out with the owners of the property when I came back with a Hearing Assistance Dog. Dogs (cats etc.) at the time were as welcome as herpes on a honeymoon, even those recognised under law. Ferrets seemed to be all the go at the time, along with galahs perched on shoulders and nibbling their master's dreadlocks. So I exited. Four years later, I turned over the Hearing Dog (and the stupid hearing aids) to do things my way. So far, so good, 26 years on...

Byron Bay has terrific beaches, I'll agree on that, but othewise I'm after more excitement and visual stimulation, not sterile yuppy strip-shops and boutiques, so it's the rainforests or beaches down the east coast. I do like the lighthouse location, but a very similar one with wilder scenery exists on Bruny Island, Tasmania.