Metro Camera at 330 West Hampden Ave (303 934-2471) runs about $150-$160 for a full CLA on Canon A-1 and AE-1 models. I suspect it might be more than you quoted simply due to the level of jamming. It requires a full tear down and cleaning.

They're not the only place, but that's where I had my AE-1P's CLA done a number of years back and it's still purring. If I had to get a full CLA on another Canon I'd go there again.

However they're not the only game in town. They're pretty far south and close early weekdays so your best bet is to catch them Saturdays.

I think the webpage is but not sure. Definitely call them and ask if it's a make/model they know how to service. It's worth a phone call if nothing else.

I know I asked my photo processors based on some comments during discussions and they used to do camera repairs back when film was bigger than digital, and still had the tools. They took a look at my defunct used A-1 for me too, so maybe other places are like that too. This was Shutter Priority, just east of Federal on 120th, north side of the street past that Christian Academy with the decidedly arabian archways.