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Never pour water into acid when diluting. Pour acid into water, carefully in no hurry. Reason: the dilution is exothermic (gives out heat) and it is worse to have hot slightly diluted acid boiling up than to have hot slightly acidic water boiling up.
That's a nice rule but if you read what has been posted here just this week you'll realize that this is just a side issue. If you use KCN as fixer, as has been suggested by someone, just imagine what happens if you decide you also "need" an acidic stop bath.

It's a good thing that most of the really dangerous chemicals are not sold to ordinary people - otherwise the whole photographic community would have qualified for the Darwin awards many years in succession. I commend Gerald for bringing up this important issue here in this forum and call on all experts who post helpful recipes that they also include some information about the hazards their concoctions can bring with them or at least point out that people without experience and proper facilities should stay away from these mixtures.