I have three lenses that fall into the category you're looking for. First is a 135mm f5.6 Symmar-S which is on a Sears Tower 4X5 press camera I use often. The next is a 127mm f4.7 Kodak Ektar that is setting on a Calumet monorail 4x5. and the third is the Rodenstock Ysarex f4.7 on a Polaroid 110A I'm thinking about converting to 4X5. I think they are all very, very good lenses and if I were in a hurry to pick one up I'd go for the Kodak 127mm f4.7 Ektar since they are very easy to come by. I've checked antique malls and flea markets and can't tell you how many of those flip-top Polaroid cases I've opened looking for just the lenses we're talking about. The last 110A I got was at a antique mall for $10.00 so they are out there for the cheap. About ten years ago I did a little test of my own on the 135mm Symmar-S, a 135mm Optar, 135mm Xenar, 127mm Ektar and the 127mm Ysarex and here's what I found. The 135mm Symmar-S was the best "over-all" performer, the 135mm Optar was very good and as usable as most view lenses, the 127mm Ektar was very sharp and has just a certain "quality" that I can't explain, but I liked it and kept it, the Rodenstock-Ysarex 127mm was the real sleeper of the bunch. It was sharp as a tack and had the best over-all contrast of all the ones I tested, including the Symmar-S. Now, coverage will very on all these, but I find at f22 I have no problem with my type of photography. Of course I'm not running around NYC shooting tall buildings either. Mostly landscapes, scenes and people. If it were me I'd get a 127mm Ektar(if money is a little tight) and try it. Heck, for what they cost you won't be much out and you can always peddle it later. Nothing like a big negative to make one smile! JohnW[/I]