Hello All,

Never had cause to use this forum before now! Wanted to take the time to announce our upcoming show @ The Gallery at CCBC Catonsville, in Baltimore Maryland.

Five of us, David Prifti, Melitte Buchman, Steve Wilson, Kym Kulp and myself have been gathering at each other's houses for the past eight years, (since we took our original wet plate class from France Scully Osterman), to pool resources, shoot wet plate, eat and drink, cavort, argue about art, and otherwise become an extended family. This is our first show together. I couldn't be prouder to be showing with this group of people. They truly are extraordinary folks and I am lucky to be included.

The work is Wet Plate Collodion positives, with some prints thrown in that were derived from Wet Plate Collodion originals. The original work ranges in format from full plate up to 20 x 24 plates.

Here is the link to the Gallery;


We would love to see you at the opening on November 4th.


Monty McCutchen