I have white lightnings 10000 and 5000 and the sb-24 and have owned the 285hv.

The WL10000 would be my first choice on your list. It's got a lot more power than the 5000 and that is helpful when you are lighting groups of people, especially outdoors, or are using the lights in inefficient ways indoors, or using LF. I use a cool-tinted bulb for the modeling light for one of the flashes and can see how the lights work together by the change in color. It won't show in the photo, because it's the modeling light, not the flash tube. These have built in optical slave triggers as well, as long as the sync cable is unplugged on the slaves. The 5000 is OK as a second or third light, but don't expect a walloping of light out of it.

The sb-24 and 285hv are tremendous values for battery powered flashes, but I think you will like having modeling lights and quicker recharge times. The 285hv will recharge real fast if you power it off a 6v UPS battery instead of AA's though.