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So basically,

-dont drink your fixer
-dont take a bubble bath with your developer
-and don't go mixing things in manners the instructions don't tell you to.

Isn't all of that known as common sense?
You'd think so, but there's a certain DIY ethic that legitimately clashes with that third bullet point. I mean, the instructions don't tell you to mix coffee and washing soda to make developer, either, but it's pretty well established that nothing bad happens as long as you don't drink the result. So a more realistic guideline might be "don't go mixing things unless you know what to expect", but that's also easier for a reasonable person to mess up ("well, I *thought* I knew!").

By the way, the mnemonic I learned in chemistry class was "do what you oughter: add acid to water", which is goofy but memorable.

I like the idea of a sticky "elementary darkroom chemical safety" document.