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I know what you mean with the Ysarex 127/4.7, I have two of them. I have one mounted on a lensboard for my Calumet and the other is still on a 110a that is in imaculate condition. I'm also considering a Polaroid conversion(unless someone buys the kit it's in).
I sold the good one that I tested years back, but plan on either converting the 110A or maybe just pulling its lens. The fellow I sold the other one to made a hand-held 4x5 fixed-focus box type camera with hand-grip, stuck the lens on it and it worked out very nice for him. He had a bunch of fun with that camera. He also did his own darkroom work and camera shows. He'd bring 16x20 prints to the camera shows and when somebody would admire them he would haul out that simple camera to show them what he took the shot with. He'd say, "See, ya don't need nothing fancy"! Darn good lens, that's for sure. JohnW