I think the trouble is that magazines make a significant amount of their income from advertisers - and so they pretty much dictate the idea that photography is all about buying the latest digital camera...

I live in the UK and know of very few film only magazines, but one which at least includes film is 'Black and White Photography'. I don't know if this is marketed outside of the UK, but it is presumably available mail-order.


The UK companies Silverprint, AG+ photographic and several other film and darkroom suppliers advertise in it, as well as smaller companies advertising film processing services and second hand film cameras.

It tries to strike a balance between film and digital. Personally I think the idea is flawed because I suspect very few photographers use both film and digital for either their professional work or for their hobby. I bet most of us film enthusiasts have a digital camera - but use it for different stuff. Photoing the kids birthday part, snapping things to put on eBay etc. I can't imagine many photographers using film and digital cameras side by side to take black and white pictures, so up to half the magazine is of little interest...

I wish they'd take the plunge and go all film, but at least some months there can be quite a lot of coverage of film and many articles are not related to the capture device at all.

There is a sister magazine 'outdoor photography' with the same inclusive film and digital idea, but I'm not familiar with it.