I have been looking into doing stock photography for about a decade now and everybody says that I need a digital slr. I have posted a message about this on the Kracker Barrel at PhotoSource and they have shot down using a MF camera with a flat bed scanner for digital photos. The thing is that with my RB67 shots, and scanned on my good old Epson scanner at the highest resolution, look great. I can't afford a $1000 digital camera at this time, and was wondering if my scans from my MF camera will do. In the Photographers Market many magazines still take 35mm slides. I can see the day when I will have to go digital, but until then I would like to use the MF set up. I was wondering if anybody on here has sold any photos that were scanned on a flatbed from a MF negative? Another thing is that most photos in magazines are only about 5X7 and smaller. Some are smaller than the 4X6 photos you get back from the stores. What do you think? Thanks. Ric.