[QUOTE][Gibson's images are always stark, high contrast, deep blacks/strong whites, because that's how he sees./QUOTE]

This is so important; seeing. I'm trying to look through the viewfinder and deconstruct what I see into just geometric shapes. This is hard because our brains use the eyes to pull information out of a scene, not ignore it, and film and lenses are sold on their ability to resolve ever greater detail. Look at Kertesz's Martinique, it's a geometric masterpiece. There's a Winogrand of a Western suburban house where the garage door is a gaping black square.

I'm trying to see those shapes and then learn to 'let in' only the detail I want. Just enough to anchor it to this world. I'm seeing a lot of trash frames (Kodak thanks me, I'm sure) but occasionally there's a glimmer that I might be making some progress. And I'm having as much fun as I did the first time around.