I just traveled and mailed most of my film ahead of me to the town where I was staying. I mailed it to myself, general delivery, in that town, and picked it up at the post office. Other people have been known to make arrangements for their hotel to receive it. It worked out great for me in terms of reducing stress for air travel.

I did take some film in my carryon and didn't get any hassle about it this time. They didn't didn't even open/take out my speed graphic. At both check points, they opened my camera bag and backpack and xrayed everything at least twice, and swabbed everything thoroughly. Probably a balancing of time versus thoroughness.

I use sheet film, and security tends to think of film as a roll product. Last time I traveled by air a couple years ago, they were insistent on opening up my film boxes as part of a hand inspection. I managed to prevent them and we both decided Xray would be preferable. If you are using roll film, it's probably not a big worry.