I'm a new "old" photographer, having jumped back into the analog fray after 30+ years. I shot some Fomapan 400 (EI 200) and used Rodinal and, at least as far as the negative is concerned, I got that very grainy, sharp "look". This thread prompted me to look at Gibson's website. I had never seen his stuff before. My wife loves it - she loves the strong contrast. Having just recently gone in the other direction (using Perceptol and FP4 at EI 50), I find myself both put off by, and loving the grain and contrast of Gibson's prints. I plowed through his prints on the website - I think he's an artistic genius.

So, I've loaded some tri-X in my old Nikormatt and will play with that.

I love APUG and the educational and inspirational threads like these.
Warrenton. VA