Athens, GA

Hello from the Classic City.
I am a soon to retire scientist of 40+ yrs and have started a business - J Michael Meyers Photography. I will be doing more than photos (free lance writing to go along with them). Interested in scientific, landscape, sports, environmental portraits, product, and possibly some wedding work. I did a lot 40 years ago, but got side-tracked. I use Nikon digital DX and soon FX; medium format - Bronica complete system 40 mm to 500 mm (Schneider) all Nikkor to 200 mm and few Komura (300 and 400) lenses and close up bellows, Mamiya RB Pro and Pro SD, old rangefinders (kodak 6 x 9) with better lenses - triplet or more, Kowa system 55-150 lenses, and Koni-Omega Rapid M 58 mm to 180 mm; and large format Graflex 4x5 Crowns with German lenses and soon a 4x5 field camera.

I am interested in all things about photography.


Joe Meyers