I have a whole bunch of Alpa Macrostat components. For those of you who don't know, the Macrostat system offered by Alpa for use with their cameras was a collection of modular hardware and adapters used for close-up (macro) photography and microphotography using microscopes. This equipment is from my father's estate: he a was a huge Alpa fan, and a devoted collector of all things made by Alpa. I have a whole bunch of this Macrostat stuff: so much that it would take me many hours to adequately document it and list it here on APUG or on eBay, and eBay would charge me money simply for offering it for sale. I have listed some of it on eBay, but there hasn't been much interest so far. Then I discovered a big case filled with a large collection of components: an almost complete collection of several of the standard kits, plus more. Most of this stuff is in excellent to like-new condition. Is there any market for these items? Should I make the effort to advertise it, or is this a dead subject? Should I sell it by the lot, or piece it out?