Well, the time as finally come for me to thin out the herd a little bit or at least get it to a more manageable size. My wife received orders to Japan so the both of us will be moving come Spring, and I would like to trade both of these Mamiya cameras for one camera of equal value.

My interests in photography are broad, but in particular I would like to trade for a working 8x10" setup, or something in 6x9 like a Fuji Rangefinder. Other items of interest would be Hasselblad V-Series lenses, backs, and bodies, or Leica M lenses (90mm Elmarit-M).

RB67 Pro-S w/ 180mm KL/L AND 90mm KL/L
The RB67 Pro-S pictured below was purchased used a few years back and has seen occasional use by me. When I purchased the camera it had no lenses so I purchased two: a 180mm KL/L and a 90mm KL/L at some insane price point. They've proved to be great lenses which produce tack sharp images.

The camera is in good shape overall and I would score it at about a 75% aesthetically. The leatherette on the back is peeling slightly which is the reason for the score being slightly low. Given the age of the camera, though, it is in excellent condition.

The lenses for the RB67 are nearly flawless and has no scratches on the elements whatsoever. I would rate them conservatively at 90% of their original condition.

The bellows on the RB67 are light tight and in good shape. Realistically there isn't any reason this camera won't be able to serve you for tens of years to come given it's current state.

645 Pro TL w/ 45mm f/2.8 and 80mm f/2.8
This camera became one of my favorite to use for wedding work, but since I will no longer be photographing weddings while abroad it too must go. This 645 Pro TL was purchased by me a few years back and is in great shape. I would estimate that it is at 80% of it's original condition. The camera is currently equipped with a 120 insert as well as the prism viewfinder which makes focusing a breeze.

The 45mm lens included in the trade is flawless, however, the 80mm has impact damage on the filter ring which is difficult to see in the photos. When I purchased the lens the impact damage was present and has played no part in the quality of the images this camera delivers as the elements are in excellent condition.

Please feel free to ask me any questions you'd like and if you have a trade other than what I've listed above please let me know. Should the items not be traded they will become for sale.

If you're local to Jacksonville, FL or South GA I'd be willing to meet up if you'd like to show you the items.