The best wisdom came from throwing all of my gear in a bag and hiking it all over creation only to realize all of those items I didnt use and probably wont really need. Realizing I may only need a 50mm lens with a 25A filter for BW and two film backs instead of the 90mm + 2x Tele extender + 5 film backs + 2 instant pack film backs, and every filter I own, and 10 rolls of velvia 50 and 10 rolls of Fuji Acros, + 10 boxes of Fuji Instant FP-100B but I was prepared for a week long shoot instead of 8 hours that turned into 3 because I forgot to pack lunch. Sometimes wisdom requires hindsight when seeing requires more than believing at a place like the Wave. Awe inspiring. I would have shed 5-8 lbs of weight if I knew then what I know now, and brought lunch as well. looking foreword to going back.