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You could see the writing on the wall a week or more ago when they tapped their revolving credit line - which was a suprise to many people.

I think the company has been up for sale from the moment they went after the consumer inkjet market and I believe their strategy had always been to "inconvenience" a Lexmark or HP into acquiring them.

When the emphasis shifted to lawsuits over patent revenue - it was obvious that the end was near and a breakup was certain.

I'm not quite ready to say this is the end of Kodak film - but any group acquiring that division will have to accept some pretty hairy risks from toxic torts for the next century...
I think the Bloomberg piece mentions the possibility of bankruptcy as a way to lessen chances of issues with the transfer of intellectual property, so as to make their patents more attractive. I'll re-read it later, but I agree, it looks pretty grim for the company as it is now.

Open letter to Kodak: If you keep making Tri-X I'll keep buying it. Probably some other stuff too.