I don't think this is grim for the film division, I think it threatens the film division only indirectly as a result of what happens to the sinking ship part of the company.

In any case I wrote elsewhere that;

The article states Kodak has 19,000 worldwide employees. Nikon has estimated theirs about 25,000. Which is a comparable size. Nikon specialise in optical devices and cameras/lenses. Their public presence is basically only cameras/lenses and sporting optical devices (to a small extent, those with that interest know about it, Joe Bloggs not so much). Kodak generalise. Nikon's public presence dwarfs all of Kodak's generalisations/wide spread business.

Canon generalise. At 2007, their number of employees was put at 130,000. I guess you could say Canon does what Kodak is/was trying to do.

But they have more employees to put behind each branch of generalisation vs Kodak, as well as their products don't suck that much (for what they are) vs Kodak's.