That is almost exactly what I have benn doing for several years Les. I began to always take a 35mm to use as a notebook for looking at light, texture, perpective etc. Sometimes I would see a subject that I felt was better suited for LF and would use several lenses and perspectives with 35mm and return later with the LF. I did the same thing, contact printing and then printing the two or three best of a roll. Eventually I found the more intriguing images on the 35mm film. So that exercise has taught me what I am attracted to visually and have the best relationship with. It is an on going process and will continue as long as I can hold a camera. But it has helped my LF work a great deal by honing in on subjects I wanted to photograph and not subjects I thought I am supposed to photograph.

I like to work with all kinds of subject matter, but I would say the least interesting is the grand landscape in the Ansel Adams tradition. I Love the work of others but I never seem to get an image that has any real excitement. I love found still lifes and abstraction, and the more intimate landscape of urban and rural interface. And at one time i didn't enjoy portraiture but find with LF and trusting my judgement for lighting and pose I am more successful.