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Sorry to hear that, Bruce, but, it has been over 40 years since they were first marketed. Do you have any actual experience with them? I started with a 6 about 25 years ago, then a 6MM, and for more than the last 15 years, a Super 66 with 55, 85, 150, and 250 lenses and various accessories. I have often traveled with the Kowa in preference to my Hasselblad because it is easier to shoot from the hand and the lenses are superb. The lenses and accessories alone in Christopher's deal are worth $550.
I had experience with the 35mm equipment as I was doing camera repair in the 70's. Otherwise as I said, "IMHO". My advice is worth everything you paid for.
As far as buying it to resell, that's another story, and you're right on that.