The group

1. Oxleyroad
2. tomalophicon
3. Barrie B.
4. Munz6869
5. hoffy
6. SMBooth
7. Michael W
8. nathan96
9. Nige
10. Kevin Caulfield

I will PM to each of you my home mail address. If everyone can send in their 9 prints (no need to send in 10 as there is yourself and 9 others in the group) by the end of November with some detail on the print. In the first week of December I will return all the parcels of prints, of course if I have everyone's prints before then I will send out the parcels sooner.

nathan96 as you're new to this, your prints need be sent to me with a prepaid return package in any form. Some use the largest prepaid envelope from the post office, others use empty photographic paper packets/boxes, and others again use the parcel/priority post sachels. If have listed the postage options I order of cost least to most expensive. If using using envelopes or sachels to include a form of stiffening support and a plastic bag.

Righto let's all ge printing