I shoot maximum 3 rolls of Kodak per month. Thats my budget. My minilab switched to sell
Kodak Pro Photo negative color film and worst colors , blue casted pictures I have ever had. I am the only film customer of the minilab and he says only I and one other guy comes for development and scan. Film , development and 36 frames scans costs me 9 dollars or less. Film quality and development quality really kills my attitude. I have an point shoot Leica , excellent camera but this blue cast on highlights needed heavy photoshoping and kills the film quality. I started to hate my pictures.

Back to topic , 4 days ago someone posted 19000 workers Kodaks value is half of the 50 workers Tumbler .
Now 1/4 in 4 days , its so speedy and like watching an aircraft accident.

I will buy Ilford and develop and scan at home. For me , Ilford Pan F is better than Tri X.