No panic out here on the west coast - as we are always three lucid hours behind the latest wall street anxiety. But there will be a restructuring and likely a split-up of various EK corporate components, in order to appease the big shareholders. With the share price now so low, various stock-split possibilities must be made available to these same big investors who have "hung in" while the digital efforts of EK over the last decades have proven futile. In the meantime, the traditional film and photo chemical biz have already been profitably cut to the bone and out-sourced and will likely be a prized nugget in any bankruptcy restructuring. There are any number of US and foreign companies that would jump at the chance to acquire EK's photochemical businesses. I always have thought and I have always given my humble opines here on the forum that EK should have long ago stayed away from the emerging digital world and instead should have remained focussed on what they did so well as the world-leaders in photo-chemistry. But obviously their corporate board was given some very bad advice very long ago by their own investment bankers?