I have a Kowa Six with 55, 85 and 150 lenses and absolutely love it. It got the set for almost 400$ and the camera already had some dents and scratches, so 550 for a decent camera with all the accessories seems more than fair to me.
It is a quirky camera, it's something to get used to and it's everything but small and light... but the mechanical quality is quite good (not HaBla or Leica quality, but probably good for a few more decades) and the lenses are all superb. I especially love the 55mm/3,5. Only the loading of film is a little difficult and slow, but since I don't really need to be fast with this kind of camera, it's ok. If there was a complete Hasselblad set for that price, I'd probably get that, but with the Kowa you really get way more than you pay for. There are too many people who don't know it or never used it, that's why it's one of the cheapest (working) 6x6 SLRs you can get.